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Navigator School Education Fair (Physical) 2022
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FSI “Navigator” Further Study Counseling & Education Fair

COVID-19 Prevention Guideline for the Exhibitor

  • Each exhibitor is only allowed to have two representatives at the exhibition counter.
  • The representatives must at all times wear their own face masks.
  • Before attending the event, the representatives must ensure that they have no symptoms of Covid-19 infection; self-testing for COVID-19 is strongly recommended before attending the event.
  • The secretariat will check the body temperatures of the representatives; If the body temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, entry to the event will not be allowed. 
  • The representatives will have to move their exhibition items by themselves (there will be no student helpers). 
  • Packed refreshments and bottled drinks will be given to the representatives.
  • The representatives should avoid moving around; please call the helpline on the welcome note for any assistance. 
  • Only two visitors (students) are allowed at the exhibition counter at the same time; the representatives are urged to control the social distance of the visitors.
  • The representatives must clear and leave the event immediately at the end of the event; socializing is not encouraged at the event hall, however, our friendly staff at the secretariat will say goodbye to you on your leaving! 

Standard Set up of the Venue


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