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FSI Education Roadshow June 2022
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FSI Education Roadshow 06/2022 Questions & Answers

Please read the following Q&A about FSI Education Roadshow 06/2022 for a better understanding and preparation of the event:

Why does FSI choose the 8 Cities and Zoom 

These are the major cities in the peninsula with more population, and there are one or more independent Chinese schools in and around these cities. Besides, FSI has a number of networked schools in these cities. As for the online event on Zoom, it is not only safe from the CPVID-19 but also saves everyone’s trouble and cost from travelling.

Who are the students?

We focus primarily on the Chinese literate students, and are supported by over 500 quality secondary schools and tens of thousands of FSI media audiences and websites’ users. FSI Education Roadshow is just another event among our year-round activities, such as career talks and workshops, fun-filled contests, educational forum, further study advisory and counseling etc.

How many students will turn up in the roadshow?

To ensure the safety and maintain the quality of your meeting with the students, all students must pre-register for appointments with the exhibitors of their interest. There are 10 slots of 30-minute-appointments from 12PM to 5PM. Each slot will accept a maximum of four students and that will make up to a total of 40 students in maximum.

NOTE: If there are more than 40 students for any of the exhibitors, the exhibitors may choose to purchase an extra exhibition counter (on availability) to meet the students or contact the students on phone (we will provide you the contact list at no additional charges upon agreement of the students) .

Can the students visit the exhibitors which are not in their appointments?

Yes, the students are free to roam once they are in the exhibition hall. 

Are there any walk-in students without appointment?

If the appointments are not fully taken in the pre-registration, the event will be open for walk-in students on a first-come-first-serve basis within the number limit of the COVID-19 SOP.

Can we obtain the student contacts from the pre-registration for appointments?

Yes, we will provide you the contact details of the students who pre-register for your appointment upon their agreement. Besides, we will continue to lead the students to the right school in our network via our smart FSI Online Education Fair  NAVIGATOR Further Study Counseling & Referral System and FSI WhatsApp Broadcast Service.

Are we one of the schools in the FSI Network?

Advertisers who take up a minimum of one full-page advertisement on FSI Publications or a post on FSI Blogazine, or participate in the FSI Online Education Fair for a year will be eligible for FSI Network membership for 12-month. Please contact us for your status of member or non-member, if you are not sure.

Are there any precautions of the COVID-19 Prevention?

Yes, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we have come out with the SOP of Epidemic Prevention and Control to comply with the rules and regulations set by the government. Due to the SOP, only TWO representatives from each exhibitor are allowed in the exhibition hall so that we are in control of the number limit. Please refer to the attachment for the full guideline of the COVID-19 SOP.

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